VG-21 Squadron


Service Instructions:

SI-2150A-1: Landing Gear Service

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SI-2150A-2a: Elevator Removal and Reinstallation

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SI-2150A-3b: Wing Removal and Reinstallation

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SI-2150A-4b: Horizontal Stabilizer Removal and Installation

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SI-2150A-5: Flap Removal and Installation

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SI-2150A-6: Elevator Horn Installation for Compliance with Service Bulletin SB2150A-6

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SI-2150A-7: Landing Gear Upper Strut Removal and Replacement

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SI-2150A-8: Instructions for Weld Repair of Muffler Support Brackets Varga 2150A

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SI-2150A-9: Varga 2150A Landing Gear Service Pump VA12009-1

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SI-2150A-10a: Varga 2150A Fuel Gauge System Operation

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SI-2150A-11a: Rudder Removal and Installation

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SI-2150A-12a: Vertical Stabilizer Removal and Installation

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SI-2150A-13: Aileron Removal and Installation

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SI-2150A-14a: Horizonatal Stabilizer/Elevator Assembly Removal and Reinstallation

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SI-2150A-15a: Pitot Head Removal and Reinstallation

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SI-2150A-16: Rear Seat Strap Removal and Reinstallation

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SI-2150A-17: Special Tools

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SI0018: Aircraft Shipment Disassembly and Assembly Procedures

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SI0019: Final Inspection Check Sheet

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SI0020: Flight Inspection

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SI-2150A-21: Balancing Control Surfaces

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